Managed print service for optimised and secure printers

Printers, copiers and multifunction devices are fundamental tools in the workplace. Overuse or misuse can be costly, while poor security can bring risks to your organisation.

Content+Cloud’s managed print service ensures your printing environment is safe, reliable and efficient. You’ll benefit from fast, trustworthy maintenance and consumable processing, freeing time and money to focus on your business.

How our print management service benefits businesses

The modern workplace demands the highest standards of flexibility, reliability, security and sustainability from its technologies. Your printers and related devices are no different. If managed correctly, you’ll be in control of costs and protected against threats. If not, you could see spending spiral, devices offline and data put at risk.

At Content+Cloud, we have more than 30 years of print management service experience, helping organisations to optimise their devices. Our team of award-winning engineers can provide a spectrum of managed print solutions, from speedy repairs to analysing your expenditure.


Cheaper, smarter printing

We’ll help you cut costs with innovative solutions that help you understand where you can save. These range from an initial audit to software that shows consumption across your networks.


Security built in

Take advantage of greater protection against cyber risks with print security features such as two-factor authentication and software-level security on your devices that secures you against breaches.


Flexible to your needs

In addition to our fully scalable managed print service, we offer a range of purchase and lease options on our devices, as well as a maintenance-only service

What is a managed print service?

A managed print service can encompass many things. It can range from a single printer with ongoing supply of toner to hundreds of multifunctional devices across dispersed enterprise sites.

At Content+Cloud our managed print service helps organisations large and small to enjoy the benefits of reliable, secure, sustainable and cost-effective printing. With greater visibility and control, you’ll be able to benefit from 99.5% uptime and a 40% reduction in print expenditure.

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Our end-to-end managed print solutions

Our managed print solutions deliver end-to-end sales and support. We can support you with everything from planning your requirements to optimising your usage and output through monitoring and management.

Print audit

Before we deliver any service, we’ll work with you to understand your print and document management needs.

We start with a free, in-depth assessment of your infrastructure, processes and usage, then design a solution to meet your requirements.

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Professional services and installation

We provide print solutions that come with full authentication, scan management and follow-me printing capabilities.

We’ll install and configure your devices, using our own engineers 99% of the time.

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Onsite and remote support

Through our own engineers and dealer support network, we provide nationwide coverage.

Our average response time for onsite support is under 2.5 hours; for remote support it’s under 1.5 hours.

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Consumable processing

You’ll never run out of printer toner again thanks to our smart monitoring solution.

Our automated consumable ticket logging system ensures that when consumables are running low, we get an alert and can automatically dispatch fresh supplies.

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Secure and efficient document scanning

Digitising documents manually leaves you open to security breaches and inefficient information management.

We can help you integrate secure, modern scanning technologies that are easy to use and secure, with automated workflows and predefined or custom reporting to help you track manage usage.

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Organisations we support with our managed print service

Our managed print service is helping more than 200 clients across the UK to optimise their printing.

We partner with organisations ranging from SMEs to international groups, in sectors including construction, hospitality, manufacturing, education, sport, recruitment and the public sector.

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Why choose Content+Cloud for your endpoint management?

At Content+Cloud we’re passionate about helping ambitious organisations succeed. We’ve a long track record of supporting organisations of all sizes on their digital transformation journey.

We’re also one of the most awarded Microsoft partners in the UK, with our awards and accreditations demonstrating our customer service commitment and technical expertise.

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