Azure public cloud

Public cloud services have undergone rapid adoption, exponential growth and have limitless potential.

Public Cloud

Our unique and unrivalled technology enables us to build secure, well-governed Azure environments using automation. Benefit from our proven deployment methodology for your rapid, safe and secure Azure migration.

Private Cloud

When you need a platform that’s secure by design and satisfies stringent compliance standards. Services shaped around your needs, including backup, disaster recovery and cost control.

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Hybrid Cloud

A proven, systematic approach to your hybrid cloud, rooted in best-practice and secure-by-design. We understand the complexities of integrating multiple cloud services, giving you complete visibility and control of your estate.

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Migrate to the Cloud

Once you have chosen your preferred route to the cloud we’ll work with you to assess your current situation, priorities, and core business objectives to make sure your cloud migration project runs seamlessly.

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Public cloud solutions – the choice option for many businesses


As a business owner or IT professional, you will be no stranger to conversations around the benefits of public cloud solutions.

The Public cloud option is a rising star in the marketplace. For an increasing number of businesses looking to futureproof their operations, Microsoft’s Azure public cloud is the solution of choice.

Delivering multiple benefits, including significant resource, time and cost savings, it’s easy to see why public cloud services are a popular and convenient option for businesses of all sizes.

However, every organisation is unique. So must be the systems and frameworks behind them. With key decisions to make and technology advancing daily, the options and combinations can seem infinite.

Opting for Azure public cloud services could deliver a host of benefits to your business and provide the perfect fit for your needs.

Public Cloud IT

Save time and resources

Opting for Azure public cloud can remove the complexities and capital investment required to manage and secure your own data centre infrastructure. The time and resource you save can be refocused on innovation and customer experience. Gain assurance that leading cloud and cyber security teams are working to keep your business safe, optimised and productive.


Do much more with data

Fully leverage the potential of data through Azure public cloud advanced data and analytics services. Ingest data from multiple sources, including hybrid and edge. Enrich your data through cognitive services and machine learning. Create rich visualisations to make more informed decisions.


Keep it scalable and affordable

Azure public cloud is the most cost-effective cloud for Windows and SQL workloads. Its deployment options and monitoring tools can help you reduce your IT operating spend. Predict, control and optimise costs through real-time monitoring and pay only for what you consume.

The trouble with tradition


If your business relies on traditional on-premises IT infrastructure, a host of challenges exist in a digitally transformed world. Your IT teams may dedicate considerable time to maintaining, securing and upgrading your hardware. This can take their attention from innovation and focusing on critical projects. Perhaps you’re facing the end of your next hardware refresh cycle and the capital expenditure it requires.

Maybe you have concerns around compliance and regulations. No small consideration when data protection is a legal requirement and cyber crime is increasingly sophisticated and prevalent.

Are public cloud services right for your business?


We know that selecting the right technology for your business is critical to its success. The technologies you use are pivotal to creating a modern workplace. They are the backbone upholding your people, processes and workloads.

At Content+Cloud, we remain objective in the advice and support we offer our clients – except in one field. When it comes to public cloud solutions, we are openly pro-Azure.

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Why Microsoft Azure public cloud?


Our reasons are simple. We believe Azure public cloud to be the gold standard in public cloud computing. With a long track record in delivering profitable services to our clients, we know from experience that Microsoft Azure offers the most compelling portfolio of integrated services. Services which enable you build modern applications and innovate faster.

Designed for ease, longevity and success. These are the reasons why we believe Microsoft Azure public cloud is unsurpassed and recommend it unreservedly to our clients.

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Microsoft Azure Public Cloud

The foundation for a modern workplace

Establish a flexible IT model which can futureproof your business. Accommodate on-site, remote or hybrid workforces through secure, cloud-managed remote devices. Equip users with cross-device apps and communication tools supported by industry-leading security, backup and disaster recovery services.

Save costs with a scalable model

Leave hardware refresh cycles and capex culture in the past with Azure public cloud.

Pay only for the capacity you use, scaling services up or down in line with variable workloads. Identify under-used and idle resources and access optimisation recommendations.

Free up resources for faster innovation

Azure public cloud can significantly reduce the burden of software and hardware installation, maintenance, security testing and shadow IT. Free up the time of your IT team with auto updates, seamless sign-in, peerless communication tools and inbuilt security and compliance.

Power up your insights with machine learning

Become a data-led business by leveraging the wealth of opportunity offered by Azure data services, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Unlock patterns in your data through analytics to create prescriptive and predictive reporting to inform your business decisions.

Unparalleled inbuilt security

Remove the need for regular penetration testing and the in-house expertise needed for on-premises infrastructure. Gain peace of mind knowing that world-class cyber security experts are behind the always-on, constantly evolving inbuilt defences of Azure public cloud.

Manage your obligations with streamlined compliance

The first to become certified to the ISO 27018 privacy standard, Azure cloud services feature the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings of any public cloud option. This includes over 90 certifications, 35 of which are industry specific.

Tap into the potential of DevOps culture

The potential of DevOps in a digitally transformed world can’t be understated. Combine it with the cloud for the ultimate optimised, agile model. This is the management process that could kick-start your digital revolution and positively transform how you work.

Seamlessly integrate existing Microsoft services

Like many businesses, you may already rely on Microsoft services such as Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), Dynamics CRM and OneDrive. Hosting these through Azure public cloud allows for seamless integration, faster loading and automatic updates with no need for cumbersome software installations.

Always-on managed IT support for your evolving business

Businesses evolving to become digital workplaces need comprehensive managed IT support throughout their journey and beyond. At Content+Cloud, delivering personalised, human support lies at the heart of all we do. Our services include remote and deskside support for your UK and international locations, shared and dedicated service desks and IT supplier management.

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The Content+Cloud approach


At Content+Cloud, we are proud to be a Microsoft Azure partner and leading Azure cloud migration specialist. Partnering with us to deliver your Azure public cloud services allows our teams to take care of the legwork, leaving you to access to a host of unique benefits.

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Proprietary technology

Gain access to the Azure Velocity Landing Zone, our unique blend of consultancy services and artefacts. This secure and compliant environment can be ready to connect to your on-premise network and accelerate migration in days and weeks, not months and years.

Innovate faster

Bring new experiences to your people and clients with the innovation potential of Azure services. Build powerful modern applications to simplify and speed your processes and improve user experience. With the power of customisation and data-led insights at your disposal, the possibilities are limitless.

Award-winning, always-on support

Delivering peerless support is one of the four pillars that underpins our business. From managed cloud services to preparing your workforce for change, we design our services around the needs of your business and users.

A smooth and seamless move to the cloud


Whether you have yet to move to the cloud or are looking to adopt a new platform, our specialist teams can help you make a seamless migration.

Offering a fully supported journey from end-to-end, our pre and post-migration support will guide you through. Ensure your business is prepared before and after switch-on with a meticulous cloud migration assessment, a thorough migration strategy and managed cloud services. It’s our prerogative to equip you with the facts and recommendations to make the best decisions for your business.

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