Delivering IT services for client success

If delivering IT services is something you intend to outsource for the long-term, a dedicated service delivery manager could bring the strategic view that you need for continuing value.

At Content+Cloud we provide flexible service delivery and IT contract management as an additional support service for our clients. With a dedicated service delivery manager working in partnership with you, you’ll benefit from bespoke support that ensures your services meet your strategic goals and user needs.

What is IT service delivery management? How our service delivery managers add value

Service delivery management is all about ensuring IT services are seamlessly delivered to our clients. At Content+Cloud, we do this through our team of service delivery managers focused on your success. This goes far beyond IT contract management – they help managing our relationship with you and build up a strategic partnership in which both supplier and client can thrive.

We know from our work with almost 150 clients that each organisation’s needs vary. We therefore offer a wide range of service delivery management, from a light wrap-around on the support we offer to a fully dedicated service.


Strategic partnership

With regular contact and reporting, our service delivery manager will work closely with you to ensure our services keep delivering the business value you require.


Focused on your end users

High-quality services are designed with end-users in mind. Our service delivery manager will give you the insights and recommendations to deliver services that meet your people’s needs.


Helping you evolve

Working together in this way, we’ll be in the ideal place to evolve and improve services as our relationship matures and your goals change.

About service delivery and IT contract management at Content+Cloud

Building in a service delivery management aspect to your services guarantees that all parts of your organisation are being governed in an effective manner.

All our service delivery managers follow the ITIL framework. These recognised best practices allow us to ensure that your end-user demands are met, your client specific issues are resolved, your risks are minimised and overall client satisfaction is driven forward.

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Example activities supported through our service delivery management

Your service delivery manager works as your strategic partner and as a route for escalation and resolution. Their skills include the following and more:

  • Service governance
  • Operational excellence
  • Contractual compliance
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Account planning and building robust client relationships
  • Analysing and reporting
  • Continual service improvement
  • Client feedback management
  • Thought leadership
  • Escalation
  • Risk management
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Reporting and trend analysis to inform decision making

Having access to data – and being able to understand what it tells you – allows you to make better informed decisions. Your service delivery manager will review data on your services’ performances and present it back to you in a meaningful way.

As a minimum, your service delivery manager will be reviewing your data monthly to look for trends, identify opportunities for potential service improvements, and report on contractual data such as SLAs and KPIs. In addition, they can provide ad-hoc reports upon request to address a specific need.

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Continual service improvement

The IT landscape is constantly shifting. As new services and applications come online, they can sometimes bring unforeseen challenges. Your service delivery manager will take ownership of these issues for you. If necessary, they can create a service improvement plan with agreed critical success factors to drive these actions through to closure.

By continually assessing the changing business needs, and by analysing the data to provide meaningful insight, our team will be able to improve on the overall elements in the delivery of your services.

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Escalation and client relationships

At Content+Cloud, we don’t want you to see us just as your supplier. We want to be seen as your partner, there to advise and grow alongside you. To achieve this, your service delivery manager will have regular catch-ups (weekly or monthly) with you, as well as joining client calls where necessary.

Having this service also allows for more efficient escalation for when things might not go according to plan or there is an urgent need. As your service delivery manager is tuned into both of our businesses, they can quickly identify how to ensure your needs are met.

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World-class IT Service Management (ITSM) through ServiceNow

At Content+Cloud we use ServiceNow as our ITSM platform. We invest heavily in its capabilities, with all our standard processes supported in the toolset and even our own DevOps team focused on ServiceNow. For you, this means:

  • A brandable web portal for all request and incident raising and tracking
  • Dashboards and reporting tools
  • Interaction through email, phone or SSO, Active Directory and Azure AD Integration
  • Extension of the solution into your internal IT team, if required
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