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The future of work and the role of the workplace is changing. For people-centric organisations, the new way of working is an intelligent blend of the physical and virtual; empowering people to do their best work while championing equal collaboration experiences, wherever they are. The hybrid office is the modern workplace, redefined.

What is the new Modern Workplace?

At its core, the new modern workplace is an intelligent blend of physical and digital workspace. It operates using the suite of Microsoft 365 technologies and productivity applications that harness the power of the Cloud to bring together the best of both worlds. The post-pandemic blueprint for a modern workplace is one that champions flexibility, productivity and security while meeting the operational needs of your business with those of their workforce.

Improved employee experience and wellbeing.

How we work across the physical and digital has changed; bringing with it the associated challenges we are now all too familiar with. Now, more than ever, it’s essential to use the right tools and technology so you can meet the operational needs of your business with the heartbeat of your company: its people.

Effective collaboration and communication.

Create a unified experience. Empower your team to innovate, create and collaborate by equipping them with the tools and technologies needed for easy access to apps, sites, services, information, and document from anywhere, anytime or any location.

Frictionless management of information and data.

Tackle the issues of distributed team, hybrid workforce, multiple devices and complex security issues in an evolving landscape. Reimage business processes with a simplified and intelligent approach to workplace management by utilising the power of the Cloud.

Enterprise-grade security.

Microsoft’s end-to-end secure workplace capabilities leverage the most powerful security features in the Microsoft 365 productivity suite, including Identity and Access Management, Advancd Threat Protection and End Point Management; providing your business and its people with a secure environment that adapts to evolving threats and future disruptions.

Why transition to a truly Modern Workplace?

The events of 2020 have magnified modern business challenges and dramatically changed the way we work. It’s time to harness the power of a modern workplace experience and rethink your digital transformation journey – what resonates with you?

Lack of agility to react to unexpected change

On-premises systems and ways of working make it hard for us to adapt to external forces or internal demands.

Ageing applications and legacy infrastructure

Some systems are high maintenance. We’d like to accelerate our cloud migration, but things are tricky.

Employee wellbeing

Poor work-life balance, workplace stress, mental health, and its impact on physical health. Shifting and extending working patterns.

Cybersecurity and compliance

Altered working practices and the explosion in cyber-crime mean our data is at greater risk of accidental leakage and theft.

Limited automation

Because our systems don’t talk to each other, we burn time on low-level, repetitive tasks.

Insufficient governance

We rushed to adopt solutions like Teams and SharePoint in the midst of the pandemic. We need better controls.

Internal comms

We need better ways to engage with our peeps but are unsure which comms tools to use when. Too many emails! Important messages aren’t seen or get lost.

Information management

Multiple versions of docs; no single source of truth. Limited search and discoverability. People have their individual systems. No central knowledge bank.


Now we’re working separately we’ve lost our sense of community. Some of us are struggling with remote working, while others prefer it. We need to strike the right balance.

Hybrid working

We need offline as well as online capabilities, and to give our users fluid experiences regardless of their device or location.

Your technology for Hybrid Working: Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the modern toolkit for unified communications, collaboration and productivity. The intelligently interconnected ecosystem provides an intuitive experience for your end-users while ensuring scalability and resilience for your business.

Clients we’ve helped create a Modern Workplace for.

See how we can help you make Hybrid Working a success for your business

Modern Workplace content that you might find useful

The Microsoft technology landscape is forever changing, updating, and being improved. We’ve put together some finely curated content to help you on your journey to a fully modern workplace. Catch our blog – Preparing for the future world of work: where do we go from here?

On-demand webinar

Technology and Management Strategies for the Hybrid Office

The new way of working lays out an urgent need for organisations to redefine and rethink how work takes place. For many businesses, things will never be the same again. Watch our on-demand webinar and learn how you can maximise productivity and employee wellbeing in the new world of hybrid working.

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Free eBook

Build your Modern Workplace: how to meet the needs of a changing world

The reality of Hybrid Working is here to stay – are you ready? Our go-to-guide is everything you need to know to kickstart the modernisation of your workplace; empower and champion collaboration for you and your people from wherever, whenever.

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On-demand virtual event

Digital Revolution: Adopting Hybrid in the Modern Workplace

Your users expect consistently good experiences, from wherever they are. Your stakeholders demand agility and visibility. So, how do you get the mix right? Watch our on-demand event to get the strategies and insights you need to make hybrid working a success.

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Trends set to shape the Modern Workplace

How has the global pandemic influenced the workplace? An international study by Microsoft revealed the core trends that emerged in 2020, which continue to impact our productivity and wellbeing in 2021. Find out what these new workplace trends are and learn what business leaders can do to mitigate the negatives and harness the positives.

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Five tips for managing the challenges of a hybrid team

Leaders and managers have seen an unprecedented number of changes affect the business landscape in the last year. One change that is demanding their immediate attention is how to accommodate the needs of a hybrid workforce. What are the big changes? And how can they ensure that dispersed teams remain connected, productive and content?

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What do inclusion and accessibility look like in a modern workplace?

The advent of remote and flexible working and prevalence of hybrid teams can hold opportunity for managers. Not least in the areas of building more diverse teams and prioritising inclusiveness. Our latest blog post explores these opportunities and how leaders can apply them practically and quickly.

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The winning ingredients of a Hybrid Workplace

Did you know: by conservative estimates, 65% of your workforce would welcome the opportunity to continue remote working while 31% want a hybrid remote work environment, post-2020?

This seismic shift in the way people work requires organisations to reimagine how they work together in different locations. The fact is, the foundations of a winning hybrid workplace rely heavily on getting your technology right.

Find out what a successful hybrid workplace takes  
Modern Workplace Ingredients

Modernisation of your workspace

A hybrid workspace, when done right, will provide your people with the necessary tools to champion collaboration as the way of the future. If you want your users to do their best work from any device, system or location then they deserve the best available solutions and IT support.

Learn how you can kickstart the modernisation of your workplace  

How Content+Cloud can help

At Content+Cloud, we can help you rethink, reimagine and deliver a truly modern workspace in a way that’s aligned with your needs and goals. We’ll work with your team, and engage with your users as well as your C-Suite to design your digital transformation and help you achieve your ambitions.

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Modern Workplace

Art of the Possible session

Content+Cloud provides a comprehensive range of integrated solutions through a team of experts (including Microsoft MVPs). Our experts can give you a holistic view of your digital workspace situation, from discovering what you do best, to helping you realise where your gaps are. We’ve created four discovery sessions that will kickstart your digital transformation journey.

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Modern Workplace

Microsoft Teams Apps and Solutions workshop

This Microsoft funded, in-person or virtual workshop, is designed to help organisations like yours to improve workforce productivity through the automation of key business processes. Learn how you can leverage the rich set of Teams platform capabilities to drive business outcomes, and maximise the value of Microsoft Teams and your wider Microsoft 365 investment.

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Modern Workplace

Digital workplace strategy session

In this age of hybrid working, utilising a unified digital workplace can empower your people, champion collaboration, streamline processes and ultimately make your organisation leaner and fitter than ever before. Book a demo and see how Fresh will aid your adoption of Office 365 and employee productivity.

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We’re the most awarded Microsoft Partner in the UK

At Content+Cloud, we’ve invested heavily in building a world-class Microsoft practice, helping clients to leverage the full power of the Microsoft Cloud. We are now one of the leading AzureDynamics 365 and Office 365 Microsoft partners, globally.

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