Join the Cloud revolution with Microsoft Azure

The time has arrived. The days when you could overlook the idea of moving your business operations to the Cloud are long gone.

For an increasing number of businesses, the Cloud is now essential. Put simply, if you’re not in the Cloud, your rivals who are already there could easily outpace you, growing faster and more efficiently than you possibly could without it.

Why choose the Cloud?

Moving to the Cloud has both short-and long-term advantages for your organisation.

The Cloud is…



Forget buying and maintaining your own servers and forget frustrating capacity constraints that hold your business back. Once you’ve completed your move across, the Cloud is like a household utility; you only pay for what you consume.



Cloud resources can be easily rearranged whenever your needs change. On-premises servers can be much more of difficult to reconfigure, taking up time and resources and interrupting normal business operations.

Safe and secure


Cyber security is an increasingly important focus for organisations of all sizes. With the Cloud, you have the benefit of some of the world’s top cyber security experts working on your behalf, leaving you to focus on your business.

Great for sustainability

Moving to the public Cloud can make a seriously, positive impact on your sustainability targets. Your direct energy usage on servers is replaced by much lower energy use that is shared with many other customers, in efficient data centres designed to minimise the impact on the climate.

A launchpad for innovation

Cloud computing is a flexible platform for developing and running software using infrastructure that scales with your needs. Unlike when you run your own infrastructure, you can simply spin up the resources you need, as you need them and have them available immediately.

Why build the future of your business on Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a highly scalable, highly secure public Cloud platform. It lets your business move to the Cloud with the support of powerful, flexible technology that can be tuned to your exact needs, with resources that can grow as you do. Azure expands what your business can achieve, meaning you’ll be ready for whatever the future holds.

Azure’s advantages for your business include:


In addition to public Cloud servers, Azure can be run in private data centres and on the edge of networks as a hybrid deployment, fitting your needs no matter how complex they are.


Use Azure’s virtual machines to deliver a consistent software experience to all of your users.

Plentiful storage

Back up your data to cloud storage and host databases to feed your business processes and apps.

Empowered developers

Develop and host applications using Azure’s suite of flexible developer tools built for the Cloud, like Visual Studio. And you can easily build accessibility features into your apps with features like AI-powered text-to-speech and computer vision.

A smart, efficient future

Azure is your stepping stone to a new generation of business automation and efficiency, with AI and machine learning capabilities to help you work smarter and more efficiently.

A thriving ecosystem

A vast number of third-party products and services can enhance your Azure experience and they’re all accessible through the Azure Marketplace.

There when you need it

Based on a network of more than 160 data centres in over 60 regions around the world, Azure is reliably available wherever and whenever you need it.

You’re in control

Azure offers powerful tools to help you keep on top of your spending, with automation to make sure you can react dynamically as your usage changes.

Explore Azure with our guides

Azure provides an incredible number of options and opportunities for your business, but there’s a lot to consider when you begin to plan your migration. To help make sense of it all, we’ve prepared a collection of guides to what Azure has to offer.

Free eBook

The Cloud Revolution: A guide to powering your digital transformation with Azure

Begin your Cloud journey here. This detailed guide goes into detail about what Azure has to offer, helps you figure out if you’re ready for the Cloud, makes sense of Cloud costs, explains Azure’s security and how Azure unlocks innovation within your business.

It will also give you a solid grounding in everything you need to know about beginning your path to the public Cloud.

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How to stick to your Azure spending limit

Just because the public Cloud is cost-effective, that doesn’t mean that it will automatically save you money. You could end up paying much more than you need to unless you keep a close eye on your usage. Here we explain how you can use Azure’s powerful Cost Management tools to make sure you don’t spend too much, and to ensure what you do spend is on the right things.

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Making more of your Azure data and A.I.

It seems like talk about AI and big data analytics is everywhere these days, but if you don’t already use them, they can seem like science fiction. The good news is Azure is packed with features that help you harness these technologies and gain an advantage against your competitors. In this article, we explain how to get started.

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The easy way to create Azure Apps for your business

Your employees don’t need technical skills to innovate in the workplace. Microsoft Power Apps is a platform that requires little coding experience to make the apps you need and to share them with colleagues. While not part of Azure, it’s a perfect accompaniment. Here we explain what Power Apps offers and how to make the most of it.

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Choosing your Cloud model: Azure IaaS, PaaS or SaaS?

When you first migrate to the Cloud, you might find it simplest to just transfer what you had on-premises to your provider’s servers. But this infrastructure as a service approach is just the start. You could accelerate your business plans by moving to Azure’s platform as a service or software as a service offering. Here we explain how Azure caters to all these approaches.

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Green your business with Azure sustainability

We all try to limit our impact on the environment and technology is one area that can have a serious impact on your organisation’s carbon footprint. In this article, we explain how the public Cloud can help you achieve your sustainability targets and why Microsoft and Azure are great choices on this front.

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The Cloud Revolution


The Cloud Revolution offers high-level discussions on the Microsoft Azure cloud technology in a new virtual experience.

Featuring practical advice from technology leaders and insights from the end-user, the Cloud Revolution is the virtual event that delivers.

Hear first-hand how businesses are powering their digital transformation with Azure and learn how you can unlock the power of Azure.

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We’re the most awarded Microsoft Partner in the UK

At Content+Cloud, we’ve invested heavily in building a world-class Microsoft practice, helping clients to leverage the full power of the Microsoft Cloud. We are now one of the leading AzureDynamics 365 and Office 365 Microsoft partners, globally.

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