IT architecture services for greater value and innovation

IT architecture services from Content+Cloud will give you the foundations for a more agile digital workplace.

Our information technology architecture specialists can help you map out a strategy that allows you to achieve ongoing value on your investment. With a detailed view of your technology ecosystem, you’ll be able to develop services that meet the changing needs of your business.

How IT architecture services underpin digital transformation

To get the best from your workplace solutions, you need the right underpinning structure in place. A robust technology layer in your enterprise architecture provides the basis for reliable, flexible services and the blueprint for innovation.

But when the time comes to deliver technological change, many organisations hit a roadblock. Years of incremental and siloed change, outdated systems that are costly to upgrade, cloud solutions that have not been properly configured – all of these can create a cluttered infrastructure that’s hard to untangle.

Plan for success with information technology architecture

Content+Cloud’s information technology architecture consultants will help you think afresh about your infrastructure and take the first step towards digital transformation. We’ll help free you from indebtedness to existing technologies and give your development teams the direction to create solutions that connect and catalyse your business.


Take a strategic view

Set out a technology vision and principles that align with the needs of your business. Our technology and enterprise architecture services will help you map your strategy against business goals and define the technologies that will support you.


Unlock value from your technology

Achieve efficiencies through greater integration and cut the costs of upgrades on legacy systems. We’ll help you understand your digital environment so you can identify where to refine and what to replace.


Create a blueprint for ongoing development

Futureproof your development capabilities with an architecture that enables continual improvement and minimal disruption. Our technology and solutions architects can help your teams develop and configure the solutions your business needs.

A trusted partner with years of Microsoft experience

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and an Azure Elite Partner, with 15 Gold competencies across Microsoft technologies, Content+Cloud has the expertise to deliver continuing success to our clients. We’ll help you unlock the power of the services and solutions that drive modern organisations.

Services for your IT architecture, strategy and solutions

Content+Cloud can provide information technology architecture services for all aspects of your project, including strategic and solutions-focused consultancy. Here are a few of the services we can offer to clear the way to achieving your vision.

Health check and discovery

Start by getting a deeper understanding of your business goals and needs. We’ll help you see how your architecture is helping or hindering you.

  • Analyse how your systems are configured and uncover any points of weakness
  • Explore your broader business goals and how technology supports them through a technical discovery workshop

Technology audit and assessment

Look closely at the technologies deployed across your organisation and what solutions are required to deliver your organisation’s objectives.

  • Identify limitations of, and opportunities for, systems and solutions to deliver value
  • Create blueprints for developers to deliver solutions that serve the needs of your business

Enterprise architecture

Take a strategic view of the part technology can play in your business by planning an architecture that delivers for employees, stakeholders and customers.

  • Map technology requirements against your organisational strategy
  • Design an architecture that accounts for IT, information, supplier and management requirements
  • Build in change capability as a feature of your IT strategy

Solutions architecture

Streamline operational processes and workflows with the guidance of our expert solutions architects.

Business consultancy to support your digital revolution

At Content+Cloud we believe that successful transformation is 20% about technology, 80% about people. That’s why, as well as technology-focused services, we offer skilled business consultancy in areas such as service design, business change and user adoption.

Explore our business consultancy services 
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