Business change and user adoption

Switching on the technology is not enough. When delivering a new tool, 80% of the focus needs to be around the people with only 20% on the technology.

We’ll work with you to maximise value from your investment with a structured approach to Office 365 user adoption, derived from the intersection of technology, business strategy, and user goals.

Embed new technologies within your organisation.

Moving to Office 365 presents a whole new way of working. With a structured process to change management, we’ll work with you to empower your users to adopt new ways of working, providing you with all the resources needed to embrace change.


Drive people change in your business.

With major technology change. ultimately, every person is going to be doing their job differently. The success of your project hinges on planning properly for this change. Utilising the ADKAR model, we’ll help you plan, articulate and deliver the reasons for change to your people – all of which are components of effective change.


Facilitate organisational change.

With the optimal combination of process, systems and solutions in place, an organisation will be well positioned to operate at a different level, but if users are not ready (or willing), then all that investment in process, systems and solutions will inevitably be underleveraged. That’s why we have a team of adoption and change specialists to help you successfully embed new technology in your organisation.


Deliver on your change management objectives.

We’ll work with you to define and deliver an Office 365 change management strategy that delivers results both on the people side of change and at an organisational level. By leveraging these strategies, you will deliver on your organisational objectives.

Prosci® certified Office 365 user adoption change management practitioners.

If your organisation does not plan for change properly, your Office 365 solution will fall short. Our Client Success Team are fully certified Prosci® Change Practitioners, who will work with you to deliverer a structured approach to Office 365 change and user adoption utilising the ADKAR methodology. The ADKAR Model drives powerful results by supporting individual changes to achieve adoption success.

We’ll work with to provide everything from Office 365 Training and Adoption Services right through to communications, content and governance support.

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Prosci ADKAR Model

Clients we’ve helped succeed with business change and user adoption

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Maximise the return on your investment and ensure end-user Office 365 adoption.

Businesses have a desire to work more efficiently and create value using modern social and collaboration tools. Such tools can be implemented, but value and efficiency only come with usage. This means your users need to understand why they should use it, how they should use it and what they should use it for.

Enable user adoption 

User adoption planning.

Employees need to understand the reason for the change. By planning and visualising your Office 365 adoption activities, we’ll help your user base to see the value and benefit in moving to a new way of working.​

Communications strategy.

Effectively communicating the reasons for change is integral to project success. We’ll work with your teams to identify the right channels to utilise and produce a full comms plan for you to execute.

Office 365 training.

We’ll work with your teams to plan, create and deliver Office 365 training, unique to your specific requirements. We’ll also help to train a network of Office 365 champions to drive lasting business change.

Office 365 governance strategy.

Our Prosci® consultants will work with you to help define a governance and best practice strategy for Office 365. We’ll articulate a strategy for “what-tool-to-use-when”, governance for specific tools and define processes that need to be in place.

Usage and data analytics.

Utilising a number of data sources, we’ll provide a detailed usage report combined with core Office 365 adoption analytics. The report will align with the Adoption Measurement Plan and identify areas of improvement to the adoption of Office 365.​

Personas and user research.

Understanding your user base and what they need is critical to Office 365 rollout success. Our team will undertake detailed interviews from a cross section of your user base to create user personas. Each persona is then aligned to specific technologies.

Ensure Microsoft Teams user adoption.

We always start with the why. Each Microsoft Teams user adoption project starts with a discovery workshop, moving onto in-depth user research and persona creation. This allows us to align Teams features to specific user pain points.

We’ll provide you with everything from the relevant comms plan to disseminate the reasons for change, right through to the development of a champions network to promote long-term change throughout your organisation.

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Articulate the need for structured change management in your organisation

Change management NOT considered.

  • Users fail to embrace change and do not adopt technologies
  • Projects fail to take off
  • Project deadlines are extended
  • No return on project investment
  • Low usage and adoption

Change management IS considered.

  • Users embrace change, adopt technologies and feel supported
  • 6x more likely to succeed
  • 5x more likely to stay on track
  • 2x more likely to stay on budget
  • Maximise user adoption

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