Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a service (PaaS) presents the opportunity to significantly cut the time and cost of developing and deploying in-house apps.

Bringing the power of PaaS to your business

For many businesses, their first encounter with PaaS comes after the implementation of infrastructure as a service (IaaS). First, they put their servers, networks, storage and other IaaS features in place. Then, in comes PaaS. Based in the cloud, your PaaS environment provides a platform for quickly developing and deploying apps in-house.


Establish Agile foundations

PaaS can provide the basis for instilling an Agile mindset within your business and establishing a modern workplace. It can bring elasticity, faster provisioning, supports modern application architectures and a DevOps approach to collaboration and project execution.


Reduce costs over time

Innovate while bringing costs down with PaaS. Remove the need to spend on additional software and expertise with a ready-made backend infrastructure. Lower costs with the removal of IaaS elements and use of commodity Azure building blocks, such as serverless.


Easily integrate existing software

PaaS easily integrates existing Microsoft products, such as SharePoint and Teams, allowing you to develop applications across multiple browsers, devices and platforms. Azure PaaS development tools also offer pre-coded application components, such as directory services, security features, workflow and search functions.

Enable greater productivity with PaaS

You may have established a cloud presence through Microsoft Azure and have the IaaS basics in place. Or perhaps you are researching a new, resilient technology model for your businesses. Maybe you have engaged minimal or no cloud services yet.

Using the capabilities of the cloud through Microsoft Azure PaaS and the Power Platform, we connect businesses like yours with the tools they need to get things done independently, quickly and with as little legwork as possible.

Whatever the stage of your digital transformation, Platform as a Service (PaaS) can place the very best app development and deployment, collaboration and productivity opportunities at your fingertips.

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Businesses we have helped transform, evolve, secure and support

Speak to us about platform as a service (PaaS)

Help your business cut ahead with PaaS

As a decision-maker, you have multiple considerations before mobilising PaaS within your business. You need to cost and plan its implementation. You need a clear vision of how this technology will support your business objectives.

You need people with the skills to establish and manage the platform. In addition, you need to ensure it is secure and complies with data management regulations.

At Content+Cloud, we offer PaaS through Microsoft Azure and the Microsoft Power Platform. This is because, as one of the world’s leading low-code application platforms, we believe it brings our clients the widest and most versatile offering of any solution in the marketplace.

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Gain competitive edge

PaaS presents you with a way to get ahead in a competitive marketplace. Access a readymade backend system, pre-built software and create apps using minimal or no code. Redirect the budget and resources you save into your strategy and innovation.

Cut out development burdens

No longer will your business need to allocate hours and days of time, chunks of your budget and your people’s skills to complete ground-up development. Instead, Power Platform offers a convenient no/low-code environment from which to build.

Develop sooner, rather than later

Begin developing without delay through the Microsoft Power Platform. Accelerate your processes with prebuilt templates, drag-and-drop formats and fast deployment. Following deployment, the platform allows you to instantly improve your apps to keep them updated and functional.

Access professional-grade functionality

PaaS and Microsoft Power Platform allow you to access functionality previously only available to professional developers. Easily embed prebuilt components directly into your apps or build artificial intelligence (AI)-led apps through AI Builder, guided by templates and processes.

Tap your data to create responsive apps

Accessing your existing data from Microsoft products such as SharePoint, you can create responsive and immersive applications with excellent user interfaces. These can be designed to run on any device and adapted for different roles within your business.

Remove everyday complexities

Remove the complexities of running, managing, monitoring and updating your servers in Azure. Microsoft ensures your underlying infrastructure is up and running, leaving you to focus on leveraging app components, such as SQL databases and Virtual Desktop.

Reduce workload with managed cloud support

Engaging skilled experts to manage your cloud platform can be invaluable. Whether your systems reside in a public, hybrid or private cloud model, we can offer ongoing management of your cloud infrastructure so that you don’t have to. Covering everything from IaaS and PaaS to Azure private cloud and cost optimisation, we’ll work with you to achieve your objectives.

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Azure PaaS with Content+Cloud – much more than convenience

A switch to Azure PaaS can bring your business much more than middleware, operating system choices and the convenience of readymade backend infrastructure.

At Content+Cloud, our skilled teams have built years of experience in developing PaaS solutions for businesses like yours. Work with us to mine the deeper value present in your Azure PaaS investment.

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Boost the quality of your services

Partner with us to implement PaaS and improve performance, scalability and reliability. Add to this monitoring capabilities to ensure you get return on investment from your PaaS package.

Lay the foundations of an Agile future

The future is never certain. So, the best way to prepare for eventualities and a fast-evolving marketplace is to establish an Agile business which can flex quickly to changes. PaaS supports modern application architectures, Agile working practices and DevOps cultures.

Bolster security

Our PaaS services bring you the world-class security standards of Microsoft, including the many layers of protection around Azure.

World-class support

We pride ourselves in offering exemplary support as standard with our managed services. This includes advice and expertise in the areas of DevOps, app modernisation, cloud migration and Microsoft products and services.

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