Microsoft Azure and cloud services

At Content+Cloud, we have helped 100s of organisations with their cloud migration and optimisation journey. We can work with your organisation to migrate infrastructure and modernise applications, to enable you to leverage the broader benefits of the Cloud.

A Microsoft Azure advocate and the UK’s most awarded Microsoft Partner

With over 50 accredited Azure experts available to design, deploy or optimise your Azure environment, you’ll be in the safest of hands. As a Microsoft partner holding three Azure Solutions Partner designations, we’ll deliver any or all elements of your cloud project to the highest SLAs. Fundamentally, we’ll be your team; advising, respectfully challenging, de-risking and supporting.


Accelerate your cloud journey with Azure

Wherever you are in your cloud journey, and whatever your motivations, we’ll help get you there faster. Whether you have concerns over costs, performance, security or visibility, we’ll advise on the right approach for you. And many of our projects are successfully delivered within weeks; not months.


Provide a secure and compliant foundation

We’ll work with you to create a secure governance framework that is applied through Azure and subscription management. All of our services are aligned to Azure Architecture blueprints, MS Virtual Data Centre guidance and NCSC 14 Cloud Security principles.


Easily manage and develop your cloud infrastructure

We’ll work with your teams to remove the common fears that a cloud migration has to be time consuming, complicated and costly. By defining your scope and requirements you can be up and running quickly with an Azure Velocity Landing Zone, designed to scale and flex as more services are delivered in Azure.

Clients we’ve helped succeed with our broad set of Cloud and Azure consultancy services

Public Cloud services

Our unique and unrivalled technology enables us to build secure, well-governed Azure environments using automation. Benefit from our proven deployment methodology for your rapid, safe and secure Azure migration.

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Private Cloud services

When you need a platform that’s secure by design and satisfies stringent compliance standards. Services shaped around your needs, including backup, disaster recovery and cost control.

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Hybrid Cloud services

A proven, systematic approach to your hybrid cloud, rooted in best-practice and secure-by-design. We understand the complexities of integrating multiple cloud services, giving you complete visibility and control of your estate.

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We’ll work with you to assess and plan your cloud migration

Many organisations considering Azure are looking to reduce complexity and improve agility. Streamlining operations through secure access to modern applications that are highly available and scalable is a common outcome. But not every organisation can achieve this in one move.

The first step could be to improve the stability of your existing infrastructure and reduce CapEx while introducing more control. Later, you can begin to rearchitect your applications and use data insights to drive efficiencies and growth.

Other organisations might be able to move quickly to PaaS and SaaS-based services, taking advantage of reduced costs and management overhead

We’ll work with you to assess your current situation and priorities. Then we’ll identify and realise the benefits at each stage of your cloud journey. And we’ll closely align each step to your longer-term strategic goals and roadmap.

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Migrate to the Cloud with Azure

No two cloud transformation projects are the same. This is why we have developed a highly automated delivery processes to ensure security and consistency of deployment. We’ll work with you to develop a comprehensive cloud strategy and guide you on all aspects of your cloud transformation journey.

Undertake your Azure migration project 
Microsoft Azure Public Cloud

Deliver a secure and compliant Azure environment in days, with an Azure Landing Zone

When adopting a cloud model, progress is often stopped in its tracks when lack of expertise makes even that first step of building a secure and compliant cloud foundation seem too complex.

Azure Landing Zone allows you to:

  • Accelerate your cloud journey
  • Develop and secure and compliant foundation
  • Easily manage and develop your Azure infrastructure

Our Azure Landing Zone is a blend of consultancy services and a core set of pre-defined artefacts that together, expedite the deployment and configuration of a baseline Azure environment that is secure, compliant and ready to connect to your on-premises network.

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Fully managed cloud and Azure support services

Our geo-redundant managed Azure and cloud support is designed to meet the needs of any size organisation – including yours. You’ll be covered across the entirety of the Azure Cloud Infrastructure, IaaS, Paas, Network Security Gateways, Storage Accounts and Web Apps. And our accredited experts are available around the clock to support your internal teams.

  • Fully managed Azure services
  • Advanced real-time monitoring of your systems. Including: switches, firewalls, servers and cloud infrastructure
  • Managed security patching
  • Managed backup and recovery
  • Capacity and performance management
  • Cost optimisation
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Application modernisation and innovation

At Content+Cloud, we’ll work with you to modernise your applications for greater efficiency in the cloud, supporting your scalable and agile cloud vision. Together with understanding your current technical environment, we go to considerable lengths to be clear on your organisation’s motivations, expectations and objectives.

The three types of cloud application modernisations we can support you with:

  • Lift and Shift
    We’ll work with you to stabilise, protect and gain control of your key workloads, providing you with ease of scalability and enhanced security and compliance controls in Azure.
  • Rationalisation
    Using the 5Rs (Retire, Rehost, Refactor, Rearchitect, Rebuild) we’ll work with you to reimagine your infrastructure requirements and take advantage of PaaS to reduce management complexity.
  • Full platform rebuild
    If your organisation is looking to rebuild and modernise your applications to empower employees and improve the customer experience, we’ll work with you to take advantage of PaaS, SaaS, containers and serverless technologies to drive your modernisation project.

Leverage the power of Azure for your organisation and your users

Microsoft Azure is much more than an infrastructure platform. Whether you are looking to migrate your existing infrastructure into Azure, lower costs or extend end-of-support (EOS) our dedicated Cloud team will work with you to help your organisation to succeed.

No matter what stage you are at, we can work with you to phase your migration, operate hybrid environments, and decouple legacy complexities.

Through our dedicated cyber security arm, we can also provide assurance on risk, security and compliance on every step of your journey.

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We can support you with a range of cloud and Azure capabilities:

  • Web Apps, API Apps, Logic Apps
  • Containers and Micro Services
  • Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Azure DevOps and Automation
  • SQL Database Rationalisation
  • Identity and Access, MFA and SSO
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