Driving user adoption of your Microsoft 365 solutions

Driving user adoption is the most important factor in the success of your digital transformation programme. The results of your investment in the latest tools will fall short of expectations if your people do not believe that they’ll improve how they work.

As one of the UK’s leading providers of support for Microsoft-focused digital transformation, Content+Cloud can help you plan and deliver a user adoption strategy that will create a momentum for change in your organisation, building excitement and desire to embrace new ways of working.

What user adoption is and why it matters

User adoption is the take-up of a new service by the people for whom it’s designed. It’s important because the success of any service – no matter how innovative or well-regarded – depends on how well and widely it’s used.

One of the main barriers to user adoption is employee resistance. This can be rooted in the familiarity of current ways of working, fears about the impact on workloads or a lack of awareness of the reasons for business change. Even within one organisation or department, the benefits of change may not be the same for one individual or team as for another. People want to know: “What’s in it for me?”

The key to a successful digital transformation project is to remember that this is ultimately about people. Content+Cloud has drawn on years of experience to develop a model that can help you ensure your users are placed at the heart of your approach.

End-to-end support

Our approach is built around three phases: prepare, manage and reinforce. This means we’ll be with you every step of the way, from scoping your present state and planning the strategy to ensuring your key messages continue to be communicated beyond the switch-on date.

Robust, proven method

Our approach takes the most successful elements of end-user adoption and combines this with the knowledge of our Prosci-qualified change management professionals. No detail will be missed as we plan and deliver your successful rollout.

Powerful, practical insights

After implementing your solutions, it’s critical to have a picture of how well they’re working – but this can be a complex and involved task. That’s why we offer a comprehensive analytics package that allows you to see the full picture and act quickly.

Why is user adoption important?

That’s a question we’ve worked to solve with organisations of all sizes and sectors.

We’ve helped global marketing firms, charitable foundations, hotel chains and governmental organisations achieve their goals through successful user adoption and change management.

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How Content+Cloud can help with driving user adoption

At Content+Cloud, we start by exploring the ‘why’ and then work hand in hand with your project team on the ‘how’.

Our three-phase Move approach, aligned with the ADKAR change model (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement), is designed to ensure maximum adoption, enabling your users to make the most of the Microsoft 365 tools in their work – and giving you maximum return on your technology investment.


Phase 1: Prepare

Activities in this phase are designed to drive awareness of change and desire to support it.

  • Discovery workshop and project planning, including team roles and responsibilities
  • User research with workforce personas
  • Technology mapping and storyboarding
  • Planning a network of champions
  • Change planning (includes communications, training and employee resistance planning)

Phase 2: Manage

In this phase, we look to increase awareness and knowledge of how things will change. We also build the ability of end users and other stakeholders to execute the new ways of working.

  • Champions coaching and training
  • Support with communications, including support with branded assets, toolkits and video content
  • Training materials
  • Support with training delivery
  • Sessions with end-users and executives

Phase 3: Reinforce

Successful user adoption will likely be a critical indicator of your change programme’s success – that’s why we plan it in from the start.

  • Workshopping and developing personas and storyboards to help you understand your users’ needs
  • Floorwalking, drop-in sessions and buzz days to keep the momentum up once your solutions are in use

Support before and beyond software user adoption

Content+Cloud provides an end-to-end portfolio of technology services anchored in Microsoft expertise​. This means we can support you at all stages of your digital transformation, from mapping out how your services can deliver full value on your investment to managing how they operate following deployment.

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User adoption and change management at a pace to suit you

At Content+Cloud, our long-standing client relationships exist because we strive to consistently meet and exceed their expectations. We offer business change management packages to suit all levels of readiness. For those who want to move at speed, we can support organisations with our FastStart implementations and migrations.

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Stay ahead of change in Microsoft 365

Our M365 PACE (Proactive Adoption and Change Expertise) service gives you tailored, expert guidance for Microsoft 365 to put you on course for digital maturity. With a dedicated M365 specialist working alongside you, you’ll benefit from structured advice to help you navigate pace and complexity in M365, all focused on the things that deliver greatest value and assurance to your business.

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