Build a winning culture with a modern intranet

The need to communicate seamlessly across your organisation is greater than ever, whether working remotely or spread across multiple locations. The importance of sharing information and knowledge across organisations quickly and easily make the technology you rely on critical to your operations.

At Content+Cloud, we can help you create the best experience for your people and business that aligns with your strategic goals and builds towards long-term success.

How to build a modern intranet for successful engagement and experience

Our solutions range from rapidly configurable, out-of-the-box SharePoint intranets to intranets with many rich and engaging additional features. We also have add-on packages that provide specific functionality in areas most important to you.

What’s more, by engaging with Fresh, our engine for market-leading intranets, you can reimagine your employee experience in the hybrid working world to deliver a powerful and engaging digital workspace.

Whatever your need, we will get your intranet up and running in a matter of weeks – on brand and fully configured, just how you want it.

The best user experience will be delivered by understanding your strategic goals, communication needs and information pain points, asking what success looks like to you and how we will measure it. We will also gain an understanding of the desired and ideal user journeys through your new intranet, helping us to create the best experience possible for your employees.


You will be guided through a series of workshops which will help us understand your requirements and offer best recommendations. Once you’ve decided on a solution, we’ll provide a clear and structured onboarding process which will showcase   your new intranet’s capabilities.

Design and deliver

To get you up and running we’ll create your site structure ready for your content. We’ll make sure our designs match your branding needs and we will deliver a product that makes your people feel at home from day one.

Training, content, and launch

Training will be provided to your team to get the most out of the product and to equip them for content loading. We will support you to ensure a successful launch and be flexible with the amount of time your team needs until you are confident in your new intranet.


Partners in modern intranet success

We may be the experts, but you have all the knowledge. Our delivery process has been designed to give you the best possible experience and provide the best possible outcome.

We will work closely with different groups of stakeholders throughout the process, regardless of the size of your organisation and intranet, to ensure all opinions and requirements are considered.

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Clients we’ve help build a winning culture with a new intranet

When we tell you about the experience we’ve built up and the successes we’ve had, you don’t have to just take our word for it. We’ve worked with organisations of all sizes to bring their employee experience into the modern age with a modern intranet solution.

A Fresh approach for a modern intranet

We’ve partnered with Fresh to create attractive, world-class intranets that are easy to design and build. Residing in SharePoint, you can bring your Microsoft 365 channels together to form a one-stop shop for company news, employee collaboration and business-critical info that everyone needs to access.

It lets you keep the fun stuff and the important stuff all in one place, making it easier for your people to engage with and simpler for you to disseminate – two of the most important elements to consider when deciding how to build an intranet.

With Fresh you get more than just a new intranet. You’re gaining a strategic partner, backed by decades of experience and with clients all over the world, to create an engaging and successful intranet.

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A tailor-made modern intranet

A modern intranet is more than just a communications portal. It helps to connect everyone across your organisation and is a great tool for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

So that you can obtain the maximum value from your intranet, we have created some add-on packages to take your experience to the next level.

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Viva Topics FastStart

Our FastStart service will help you get up and running quickly and methodically. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for your people to find information and put that knowledge to work. We’ll make sure you understand your intranet’s content, utilising Topics to automatically organise the resources and expertise from across your organisation.

Findability (Search)

Does your intranet feel out of date, with duplicated content and unused features? We can review usage, including failed searches, key tools and policies and information architecture setup. We’ll also recommend improvements to the user experience through Microsoft search and a custom search page.

Fresh Intranet Topics Explorer (Fresh only)

Improve efficiency and ease for your users with Fresh Intranet Topics Explorer. We’ll show you how to improve your intranet structure, effectively manage Fresh Topics and get the most value from your investment

Intranet governance

A well-considered governance framework is crucial but often overlooked when considering how to build an intranet. We will help formulate and implement a governance strategy which aligns with how you work as a business, improves ways of working and user experience, encourages consistency, and reduces shadow IT.

Multilingual intranet

Supporting a diverse, global organisation can be complex, expensive and admin-heavy. Getting the most from Microsoft 365 can also be challenging across multiple geographies. With vast experience with global clients, we’ll guide you through to deliver a multilingual collaboration platform.

Empower front-line workers

Viva Connections gives your front-line workers all they need to be their best. Microsoft Teams is the gateway to your digital workplace, centralising key organisational content and promoting collaboration and personalisation. We can help you understand and map your target audiences to ensure that content is delivered in the most effective way possible.

Additional training and launch support

Take your adoption further by engaging with the wider business and benefiting from the training we offer, which is included in all of our packages.

Throughout the process and once you’re up and running, your people need to be prepared, involved, and invested in all you do. We’ll work with you to maximise value from your investments with a structured approach to preparation, user adoption and deployment.

How to build an intranet: keeping pace with evolving technology

Workplace technologies are changing rapidly with new intranet and productivity features released all the time, and we can help you stay up to date by offering new services as they become available, keeping your organisation at the forefront of the Microsoft roadmap.

Two examples of new technologies we’re excited to offer soon are Copilot in SharePoint and Viva Amplify.

AI and modern intranet: Copilot in SharePoint

Microsoft Copilot provides an AI assistant for creating engaging SharePoint content, from provisioning and populating new sites to converting documents into compelling pages.

We can help you harness the power of this new technology as well as adopt some of the latest features and functionality – all the while maintaining your brand consistency and corporate identity for a unique and familiar appearance.

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Viva Amplify and campaign management

It’s now possible to publish organisation-level communications from a centralised space across multiple channels, with supporting guidance to help you target the right audience with the right messaging. Campaign management metrics will help to understand how and where communications have resonated the most with your employees.

We can help you create new campaigns and fully realise the potential of these features, delivering something that is both impactful and engaging.

Discover how you can create communication campaigns with hard-hitting messages to engage your people