Fibre leased line services for cost-effective, resilient connectivity

A fibre leased line gives you the maximum Ethernet speed, security, scalability and service levels available to today’s organisations.

Business fibre leased line support from Content+Cloud will quickly get you connected. And with our fully managed service, we’ll ensure you stay connected too.

Why choose a dedicated fibre leased line

If your organisation relies on efficient online transactions, deals with huge amounts of data, or conducts hundreds or thousands of video, phone or app connections a day, you’ll know the importance of reliable connectivity.  But traditional fibre broadband, shared by countless other organisations and users, can let you down at your busiest times. It can hold you back when you need to move forward.

A dedicated fibre leased line, or fibre Ethernet, gives you the reliability you need. By utilising a fibre leased line, your organisation will have your very own dedicated Internet or MPLS connection, linking your premises together or simply to the Internet.

Unlike broadband, the line is uncontended – which means no more slowing down when traffic is at its peak. You’ll be able to upload and download at speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, carrying a variety of your organisation’s data traffic, from phone calls to internal network traffic.

Accelerate your success with business fibre leased line

At Content+Cloud we can help you make the move to fibre Ethernet with the minimum of disruption. We’ll guarantee attentive service and guide you on how to get the most from your connectivity.



Business fibre leased lines may have cost too much for some businesses in the past, but this is no longer the case. As the technology has improved, the cost has reduced significantly. It’s truly the most cost-effective option for organisations large and small.


Robust and reliable

As your fibre Ethernet is used only by you, you’ll have highly reliable, secure and fast data connectivity. You’ll enjoy symmetrical upload and download speeds from 100Mbps to 10Gbps, backed up by Content+Cloud’s service level agreements (SLAs).


Flexible and predictable

You can choose a service to meet your circuit requirements. If your business operations need to expand, or you need to add or move locations, a fibre leased line gives you a scalability and flexibility that you simply can’t get from legacy services.

Why partner with Content+Cloud as your fibre leased line provider

At Content+Cloud we live+breathe client success. We work with organisations across all sectors to help them revolutionise their digital communications and connectivity. Our professional consultancy on a broad range of voice and data services will help you transform how you work.

Let’s talk about your fibre leased line requirements 

How our business fibre leased line services can help you

At Content+Cloud we’ll give you an end-to-end service. We’ll not only help you deploy the right fibre leased line specifications for your network requirements; we’ll also provide ongoing services that mean you get the full reliability that your connectivity solution promises.

Consultancy on your requirements

What parts of your business rely the most on data, voice and video? What’s the health of your network? What’s your future strategy? We’ll work with you to understand your connectivity challenges and opportunities, then help you find the ideal solution for today and your future.

We offer options for services for 100Mbps, 1Gb or 10Gbps circuits, with symmetrical download/upload speeds from 100Mbps to 10Gbps.

Fully managed service

A dedicated fibre leased line gives you an exclusive connection to your Internet service. Should any problems arise, we’ll be on hand to bring performance back to its best.

Our robust, end-to-end SLAs ensure you know exactly what support you can use and how to access it. This includes 24/7 support and a guarantee to fix any issues within six hours.

ExpressRoute: a secure connection to Microsoft Azure

Looking to move workloads into Microsoft Azure? Azure ExpressRoute give you a private connection that’s reliable, secure and fast. ExpressRoute connects you to Azure’s datacentres via a fibre Ethernet service that is installed into your office or datacentre, delivering lower latency than a typical Internet connection.

As a Microsoft partner and a leading Azure specialist, Content+Cloud can give you advice and the means to connect to Azure via ExpressRoute.

Talk to us about ExpressRoute