Cloud Migration Services

Cloud migration services present businesses with myriad benefits in a digitally transformed world.

Public Cloud

Our unique and unrivalled technology enables us to build secure, well-governed Azure environments using automation. Benefit from our proven adoption methodology for your rapid, safe and secure Azure migration.

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Private Cloud

When you need a platform that’s secure by design and satisfies stringent compliance standards. Services shaped around your needs, including backup, disaster recovery and cost control.

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Hybrid Cloud

A proven, systematic approach to your hybrid cloud, rooted in best-practice and secure-by-design. We understand the complexities of integrating multiple cloud services, giving you complete visibility and control of your estate.

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Migrate to the Cloud

Once you have chosen your preferred route to the cloud we’ll work with you to assess your current situation, priorities, and core business objectives to make sure your cloud migration project runs seamlessly.

Optimise your IT estate by migrating to the cloud.

Today’s business landscape is characterised by uncertainty. But uncertainty also brings the opportunity for positive change and futureproofing. Optimising your IT estate could transform your processes and people, enabling them to flex when the unexpected happens.

Seamlessly moving operations, apps and data with expert cloud migration services can help your business face and survive the uncertainties presented by internal and external environments.


End-to-end or standalone cloud migration services

With Content+Cloud migration services, you will be guided by leading experts from conception to completion. Whether a cloud migration assessment, a migration strategy or the migration itself as a standalone service, choose the combination of solutions to suit your business.


Speed deployment and processes

Cloud migration services shift the management of your apps and software to a consolidated user-friendly interface. Using a platform, you can view, control and monitor progress through a ‘single pane of glass’. This can speed deployment and save your people time locating fragmented products and services.


Modernise your workloads

Migrating to the cloud can help you optimise the performance and scalability of your applications. Moving services into platform as a service (PaaS), such as Azure SQL Server or Azure Windows Virtual desktop, can reduce complexity and modernise your applications’ delivery.

Organisations we have helped migrate to the cloud

Cloud migration challenges

Despite its potential, barriers still exist for businesses yet to start their cloud migration journeys.

Your move to the cloud requires skilled planning, including a migration assessment and a cloud migration strategy. Some businesses may also require ongoing support through managed cloud services.

We know that primary concerns around moving your assets and operations to the cloud include adoption framework planning, cost, security, regulatory issues, governance and compliance.

Completing a successful cloud migration is by no means a simple process. But it is one that carries incredible potential. It offers the tools businesses need to move confidently into the future.

Currently, 81% of companies globally have either adopted cloud computing or use applications in the cloud. This is only set to grow in the future, along with the need for greater mobility, security, insights and functionality.

For many of our clients, the long-term benefits of engaging cloud migration services quickly outweigh the planning, preparation and budget required for switch-on.

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Complete your journey with exemplary cloud migration services

You may be planning a large-scale transformation of your IT estate. Or you may already be on the cloud and looking to switch to a more suitable model for your business.

Whatever your stage of cloud maturity, our expertise can help make your cloud migration as painless as possible. Keeping your business innovative, current and competitive.

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Migrate to the cloud with Azure

With expertise in Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows and SQL migration, we apply world-class Microsoft expertise and our step-based, methodical approach to understand your readiness and needs.

We’ll work with you to assess, plan and migrate your workloads at a speed that suits you.

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Access the benefits of a fully managed cloud

Once your cloud migration is complete, you will want to make sure you are getting the most from your investment. Maybe you need ongoing management of your private cloud environment or support for your hybrid cloud infrastructure. Perhaps you’re looking for a strategic partnership to optimise your apps in Azure. Whatever your requirements, we can help find the service that’s right for you.

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Position your business for seamless cloud migration

Making your first move to the cloud, or transferring to a new cloud model, is a big decision for your business.

Successful cloud migration services go way beyond the transference of your technology. At crucial stages of your journey, you will require guidance and peace of mind. At Content+Cloud, we deliver pre-and post-migration solutions to offer the vital support you need.

Place your cloud migration strategy in the hands of our experienced teams to set your journey up for success.

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Cloud migration services

Entrust us with your migration to a public, private or hybrid cloud. As a leading Microsoft partner, we can perform your cost-optimised cloud migration onto Azure. Or we can move your assets to a private or hybrid model through our unique Cloudlab infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform.

Cloud migration assessments

Be confident that your cloud migration is executed with a 360-degree view of your options and full consideration of your existing IT estate.
Our experienced teams will conduct a thorough cloud migration assessment to establish your cloud maturity before presenting a roadmap for a seamless, successful migration.

Cloud migration strategies

We can follow cloud migration assessments with a comprehensive cloud migration strategy. The strategies we develop align to the Microsoft cloud adoption framework. This evaluates costs, security, data, continuity, interoperability and change planning. A strategy can ensure nothing is overlooked, costs do not overrun and your business can adapt to the changes ahead.

Post-migration support

Post-migration, our managed cloud services can help you get the most from your investment. Whatever your cloud model, we can support your business with IaaS, PaaS, advanced monitoring, security patching and app modernisation.

Create your perfect cloud environment with Content+Cloud

At Content+Cloud, our clients choose us to build and manage their entire cloud environments. Whether building a public cloud or customised private or hybrid clouds, we have industry leading skills and technology at our disposal.

Microsoft Azure public cloud

We are acclaimed for our Azure public cloud services. As a leading Azure migration specialist, we can ensure your public cloud migration is as rapid and seamless as possible.

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Private cloud build

Private cloud solutions are ideal for businesses reliant on legacy applications or with low-latency workloads. Our expert teams can build a high-performing private cloud for your business using our exclusive proprietary technology Cloudlab. Retain maximum control over your infrastructure, while remaining secure and compliant.

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Hybrid cloud services

Get the best of both worlds with a hybrid cloud solution. Identify the right cloud for your workload while reducing the risk of managing data and operations in one place.

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