Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

On a day-to-day basis, the word ‘disaster’ may seem extreme and the need for disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) far from urgent.

However, if there’s anything to be taken from the macro business environment, it is that no organisation is immune to the unexpected.

Data disasters can strike at any time. Make sure you are protected with DRaaS

Disasters, mishaps or unforeseeable challenges can happen to any business, regardless of size, location or industry.

Plus, disasters do not always have to be extreme to negatively impact your assets. From large-scale problems such as fire, structural damage, floods and other weather events to something as everyday as hardware failure, human error, accidentally deleting files or losing an external drive. In short, the compromising of your data is by no means an impossibility.

This is where disaster recovery as a service proves its worth. It may be that you go for years without needing to implement it. But when the time comes to do so, it’s value can be immeasurable.

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Fast reconnection to your data and resources

In the event of accidents or disasters, DRaaS can reconnect you to your key software and data as quickly as possible. With backups stored across multiple secure locations, our system is designed for continuity, maximum protection and minimum downtime.


Demonstrate a serious approach to compliance

Data protection laws are more stringent than ever. Regulations such as GDPR demand fast reporting of data breaches. Insurers also commonly request evidence of solid disaster recovery plans. Engaging BaaS and DRaaS can demonstrate a serious approach to data management and protection and help you remain compliant.


Add on to your existing services

Both BaaS and DRaaS can be added easily to your IaaS package. This offers a complete service and peace of mind that one experienced supplier has all of your business continuity bases covered.

Level up your tech stack with PaaS

You’ve engaged IaaS, now it’s time to build on those solid foundations and access more functionality with platform as a service (PaaS). Reduce costs, boost productivity and establish a digital-first mindset with the benefits PaaS can bring to your business.

Leverage the opportunities of PaaS 

Prevention is better than cure with DRaaS

Despite the potentially devastating consequences of breaches or downtime, including asset loss, reputational damage and regulatory penalties, an alarming number of businesses do not have adequate disaster recovery plans in place.

Engaging disaster recovery as a service means sourcing a trusted provider, choosing a solution and adding a new service to your business needs. But the consequences of being without it are infinitely more problematic, expensive and risky than putting it in place to begin with.

The best approach a business of any size can to take to managing accidents or disasters is to accept them as an inevitability, rather than possibility.

It is then that you can implement thorough backup practices, or backup as a service (BaaS). Twin this with a meticulous disaster recovery plan and you can be sure your business is doing all it can to protect itself from unpredictable risk.

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Gain competitive edge

PaaS presents you with a way to get ahead in a competitive marketplace. Access a readymade backend system, pre-built software and create apps using minimal or no code. Redirect the budget and resources you save into your strategy and innovation.

Cut out development burdens

No longer will your business need to allocate hours and days of time, chunks of your budget and your people’s skills to complete ground-up development. Instead, Power Platform offers a convenient no/low-code environment from which to build.

Develop sooner, rather than later

Begin developing without delay through the Microsoft Power Platform. Accelerate your processes with prebuilt templates, drag-and-drop formats and fast deployment. Following deployment, the platform allows you to instantly make improvements to keep your apps updated and fully functional.

Access professional-grade functionality

PaaS and Microsoft Power Platform allow you to access functionality previously only available to professional developers. Easily embed prebuilt components directly into your apps or build artificial intelligence (AI)-led apps through AI Builder, guided by templates and processes.

Tap your data to create responsive apps

Accessing your existing data from Microsoft products such as SharePoint, you can create responsive and immersive applications with excellent user interfaces. These can be designed to run on any device and adapted for different roles within your business.

Remove everyday complexities

Remove the complexities of running, managing, monitoring and updating your own servers in Azure. Microsoft ensures your underlying infrastructure is up and running, leaving you to focus on leveraging app components, such as SQL databases and Virtual Desktop.

Businesses that we have helped transform, evolve, secure and support

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The Content+Cloud approach to DRaaS

Not only do we know the importance of protecting our clients’ data and systems, we Live+Breathe it.

Twin with BaaS for a complete solution

Backing up your data is essential. However, as a standalone effort, it is not enough to get you back online quickly. Twinning BaaS with DRaaS offers the roadmap and tools you need to reconnect quickly and keep your data as safe as possible.

Regain access as quickly as possible

By replicating your data to our secure UK-based data centres, we’ll ensure your business continues to function. In the event of a serious failure, we make your replicated systems and information available quickly. We do this by using the same public IP addressing and private communication links.

Best practice and world-class equipment

With fully redundant infrastructure across our secure UK-based data centres, monitored in real-time 24/7/365, we guarantee 99.999% availability.

Regularly tested for peace of mind

The periodic testing of disaster recovery plans is often taken for granted. However, it is an essential part of guaranteeing their effectiveness. When you adopt DRaaS from Content+Cloud, you gain peace of mind that the solution comes fully tested. We examine your plan regularly to ensure it remains optimised and relevant to your business.

Focus on what matters with managed IT services

At Content+Cloud, our services go far beyond the delivery of technological solutions. We know that our clients value the assistance of a trusted and experienced provider to keep their systems healthy, safe and compliant.

This is why we offer a range of managed services. This includes managed IT support, managed cyber solutions and managed Microsoft support services. Entrust your routine tasks to our skilled teams and focus on the tasks that most benefit your business.

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