Persona creation puts your people at the heart of change

At Content+Cloud we have a passion for helping ambitious organisations and their people to succeed. Our user research and persona creation services help you understand what matters to your people and how they work.

As experts in digital transformation we know how vital this insight is. The outputs we’ll help you deliver will give you the foundation for designing, planning and delivering any successful technology adoption programme.

Why user research and persona creation matter

Digital transformation is all about improving how we work and delivering greater value for the organisation, its employees and its customers. But many programmes fall short of expectations. Why? The reasons will vary by company size and sector, but common factors are:

  • Too much time thinking about the solution, too little about user adoption
  • ‘Forcing’ a solution on a workforce because it’s the agreed way forward
  • One-size-fits-all approaches to training and deployment

At Content+Cloud we’ve learnt that business change is 20% about the technology, 80% about people. Our user research activities invite your employees to answer the question: what’s in it for me?

The benefits of creating user personas

Principally we create personas so that we can build relevant and meaningful scenarios and user journeys. These articulate how Microsoft 365 can help your people to work smarter, not harder, on their highest value activities. Together, these personas and scenarios can then help you shape relevant messaging and training that resonates closely with employee need and helps build their buy-in to change.

Understand your employees

Find out what motivates and demotivates your employees, what their high-value activities are and what they need to do their job effectively. What you learn can shape how you communicate and train your people on your new technologies.

Visualise the scenarios

Profile how new technologies can be best utilised by different roles and build evidence-based models that typify each employee segment, linked by common needs and preferences. These scenarios show ‘what good looks like’, so you can compare current and preferred working behaviours.

Turn insights into meaningful communication

Ensure that new technologies are referenced in a way that is contextual to the work that people do. We focus on business value rather than technical features and functionality, allowing you to create targeted and relevant recommendations on how ways of working can be optimised.

What user research services from Content+Cloud include

Our user research activities form a large part of the discovery phase of your business change project, helping you determine the tools you’ll need to address your challenges. The outcomes will influence the success of later phases and beyond.

You’ll work with Content+Cloud’s change management practitioners, who are experts in the field. Fully Prosci-certified, they’ll deliver a structured approach to change and user adoption utilising the ADKAR methodology (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement). The recommendations of our user research will underpin each stage of change.

Employee interviews

Our team will undertake interviews from a cross section of your workforce, carefully selected to represent a variety of roles to get a true picture of current ways of working.

Persona creation

Based on the information gathered in interviews, we’ll create user personas that represent collaboration trends and pain points. These employee models capture current working practices, high-value activities, goals and motivations.


After creating user personas, we’ll meet with you to develop these further in the context of your vision for change. We’ll walk through the characteristics of the personas and scenarios and dive deep into the opportunities and desired outcomes or each persona type.

Recommendations and user journeys

We’ll help you to convert the findings of your user research into an action plan to drive user adoption. We’ll also provide compelling visual stories that compare current and future ways of working to promote discussion and buy-in for changes to ways of working.

User adoption and change management services from Content+Cloud

As a leading Microsoft-focused cloud services and digital transformation provider, Content+Cloud is expertly placed to support all aspects of your change programme.

We’re certified by Microsoft in cloud productivity, communications, messaging and collaboration and content, and hold advanced specialisms in teamwork deployment and adoption and change management.

Learn about our business change management services 
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Stay ahead of change in Microsoft 365

Our M365 PACE (Proactive Adoption and Change Expertise) service gives you tailored, expert guidance for Microsoft 365 to put you on course for digital maturity. With a dedicated M365 specialist working alongside you, you’ll benefit from structured advice to help you navigate pace and complexity in M365, all focused on the things that deliver greatest value and assurance to your business.

Find out more about M365 PACE 

Support before and beyond your business change programme

Content+Cloud provides an end-to-end portfolio of technology services anchored in Microsoft expertise​. This means we can support you at all stages of your digital transformation, from mapping out how your services can deliver full value on your investment to managing how they operate following deployment.

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