Living+Breathing Microsoft Automation and AI

Every organisation is on a digitisation journey. Our experience in Microsoft automation and AI technologies can accelerate your transformation by moving beyond legacy approaches and transforming your business processes, allowing your people to focus on higher value activities.

Automation and AI for every organisation

Advanced automation and AI capabilities are no longer restricted to expensive, specialist or industry-specific tools. At Content+Cloud, we help organisations leverage Microsoft cloud technologies such as Power Automate, RPA, Power Platform AI Builder, Microsoft Syntex and Azure Cognitive Services to modernise processes, reduce costs and drive innovations in how your organisation runs.

From AI-based document automation solutions to complex system integrations, we help you understand feasibility and establish the business case. With Private ChatGPT, we place the power and potential of AI for every user in your hands, securely and with bespoke integrations. Our design, implementation and support services ensure Microsoft 365 and Azure provide maximum benefit to help your organisation reach its automation goals.

Automate processes

Critical but time-consuming processes – such as invoicing, data management and application forms – can be automated, meaning your people only need deal with the most exceptional cases.

Accelerate innovation

As your organisation transforms processes across functions such as finance, HR, marketing sales or customer services, you’ll solve problems and enable change more easily than ever before.

Streamline tech spend

With your IT all within the Microsoft cloud, you can keep costs clear and predictable through pay-as-you-go pricing options, knowing that you’re safely within your security and compliance boundaries.

The power of Private ChatGPT

ChatGPT and other Large Language Models (LLMs) are rapidly changing how we work but many organisations have discovered that publicly available technologies introduce risks together with great potential. Built with industry compliance and protection in mind to keep you safe from the risks posed by public AI solutions, Content+Cloud’s Private ChatGPT helps you realise the potential of AI for every user with a solution tailored to your specific needs.

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Intelligent document automation with Microsoft Syntex

Syntex is Microsoft’s AI-powered document understanding capability, providing the ability to turn content into knowledge and streamline document-related processes. Syntex can create documents as part of an automated process or recognise, understand and classify existing ones.

The world runs on documents – contracts, service agreements, risk assessments, loan applications, safety reports, board packs, CVs, invoices, purchase orders and many more. Syntex allows you to automate processes involving these documents like never before.

Data extraction

Syntex uses advanced AI and flexible machine teaching to read documents the way you do, allowing you to classify content and extract valuable data automatically. Unlocking information this way simplifies discovery and helps you turn content into knowledge.

Extracted information can be used to drive automated processes, sent to other systems, or used to automatically apply security and compliance policies to the document itself. The possibilities are endless.

Document creation

Processes that create new documents are also enabled in Microsoft Syntex. Syntex Content Assembly allows you to create new documents as part of an automated process, streamlining manual tasks and eliminating human error.

Document automation technologies have never been so integrated into your core technologies.

Empower people with Microsoft content AI tools

At Content+Cloud, we’ve been involved with Microsoft’s development of Syntex from the start as a member of the private preview programme. We hold ‘Preferred’ status in Microsoft’s Content AI Partner Programme, making us perfectly placed to get you started on the right foot and moving forward with confidence.

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Automation and integration with Power Automate

We’ve helped organisations in every industry streamline processes and bring different systems together. Whether it’s a process to support interactions with clients, suppliers and partners, or a process within an internal function, Power Automate and its 400+ connectors can provide the integration glue. With integration to Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and e-mail, processes involving tasks, approvals and notifications can be quickly automated and easily maintained.

Automations and integrations to legacy platforms without APIs are also possible with RPA (Robotic Process Automation). Where appropriate, we use Power Automate Desktop to drive systems through their user interface, automating the impossible by replicating the actions a human would perform at the keyboard.

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Integrate advanced AI into your solutions without expensive development

AI used to be the preserve of data scientists, complex machine learning algorithms, and expensive projects. Today, it’s within reach of every organisation and available in the cloud platforms you already use.

At Content+Cloud, our expertise in Azure Cognitive Services, AI Builder and Microsoft Syntex allows us to build intelligent services into our apps and solutions. This enables you to take advantage of:

  • image recognition and tagging;
  • language translation;
  • speech transcription;
  • document summarisation;
  • key phrase extraction;
  • anomaly detection;
  • sentiment analysis;
  • automated data governance and more.

With simple implementation and cost-effective operation, taking advantage of AI no longer needs to be a future ambition.

Revolutionise productivity and creativity with Microsoft 365 Copilot

We are accelerating towards the future of work, where mundane and effort-intensive tasks are taken care of by AI, and your people are free to be their most creative and productive.

Microsoft 365 Copilot is set to make tasks such as analysing an Excel sheet, catching up on emails, finding a buried document and creating a short presentation simple. It combines the power of large language models such as ChatGPT with Microsoft’s data and office tools, allowing people to use natural language to prompt the apps they use.

As a Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud, we’re ideally placed to help you get ready for this new era of working.

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Automation and AI expertise trusted by Microsoft

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner with five designations, Content+Cloud is one of the most awarded partners in the UK. Our capability in Microsoft automation and AI technologies is a step ahead – here’s what sets us apart:

  • Solutions Partner designations in Data and AI (Azure), Digital and App Innovation (Azure), Modern Work, Security, and Infrastructure (Azure)
  • Member of Microsoft’s Content AI Partner Program with ‘Preferred’ status – giving us early access to Microsoft Syntex and Microsoft Viva developments
  • Azure Expert MSP
  • Microsoft Syntex launch partner
  • Microsoft Partner of the Year 2022 for Customer Experience
  • A heritage as the UK’s most capable SharePoint provider, with experience stretching back to the early 2000s
  • Accredited Microsoft experts
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