Content+Cloud’s latest Modern Work recognition brings total Microsoft Specialisations to ten

Content+Cloud’s latest Modern Work recognition brings total Microsoft Specialisations to ten

Content+Cloud has achieved two new Microsoft specialisations, Adoption and Change Management and Modernise Endpoints, both under the Modern Work designation of Microsoft’s Solutions Partner programme.


A leading Microsoft partner in the UK

These two awards bring Content+Cloud’s grand total of Microsoft Specialisations to ten across Azure, Modern Work, Security and Business Applications.

This makes Content+Cloud one of just 25 partners with Solutions Partners for Microsoft Cloud in the UK with ten or more specialisations, and places it among the top 1% of Microsoft partners focused on the UK market.

Robert Smith, Microsoft Alliances Director at Content+Cloud, says: “Everyone at Content+Cloud is rightly proud of the work we undertake with our clients to help them achieve business success.

“Achieving our tenth Microsoft Specialisation, alongside our previous achievements of becoming one of the first Solution Partners for Microsoft Cloud, an Azure Expert MSP and Microsoft Partner of the Year for Education, is a testament to our continued commitment to our clients’ success.”


What is the Adoption and Change Management specialisation?

The Adoption and Change Management specialisation is awarded to partners that demonstrate deep expertise and success in driving Microsoft 365 usage and organisational change through adoption and change management services.

For organisations to realise their desired business outcomes, it’s critical that their users are supported to adopt new services and embrace new behaviours. This achievement of the Adoption and Change Management designation demonstrates Content+Cloud’s commitment to helping customers successfully move to new processes and behaviours.

Alex Dorrian, Head of Solutions Architecture at Content+Cloud, says: “Content+Cloud has a strong track record of helping our clients successfully implement digital transformations. We work with organisations to convert their IT vision into a plan that employees can understand, ensuring that they have both the desire and capability to adopt new ways of working. In turn, this provides the desired return on investment whilst leveraging Microsoft technologies.”


What is the Modernise Endpoints specialisation?

The Modernise Endpoints specialisation is awarded to Microsoft partners that can demonstrate deep knowledge and experience in delivering holistic management solutions designed for the hybrid workplace.

With hybrid work becoming the norm, modernising endpoints has become all the more important. Organisations need to ensure secure access to their systems and files across mobile, desktop and virtual endpoints to enable their people to work from anywhere.

This specialisation is particularly impactful to Content+Cloud as it secures its place in exclusive programmes and priority partner status for Windows 365.

Mike Parker, Head of Technology Enablement at Content+Cloud, says: “I’m delighted that Content+Cloud has successfully renewed our Microsoft Specialisation for Modernise Endpoints.

“For years Content+Cloud has worked closely with Microsoft on new endpoint products and services such as Microsoft Manged Desktop and Windows 365, as well as innovating through our own services to deliver a great, modern user experience for our customers.

“The renewal of this specialisation is great recognition from Microsoft that we continue to be a leader in this space as well as to deliver value to many.”


Adding to Content+Cloud’s Microsoft specialisations

These two specialisations add to Content+Cloud’s growing list of Microsoft credentials, upholding its status as one of Microsoft’s leading Solutions Partners for Microsoft Cloud. The full list of specialisations features awards for Security, Azure Infrastructure, Business Applications and Modern Work includes:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Threat Protection
  • Cloud Security
  • Azure VMware Solution
  • Infra and Database Migration
  • Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Small and Midsize Business Management
  • Teamwork Deployment
  • Adoption and Change Management
  • Modernise Endpoints

This recognition at international scale showcases the high level of expertise that places the managed services provider among Microsoft’s top partners worldwide. Content+Cloud was proud to be named Microsoft’s Partner of the Year for Education earlier this year and holds Microsoft Catalyst Partner status, reinforcing its client success credentials. Reflecting the long-standing partnership, Content+Cloud is also a signatory of Microsoft’s Partner Pledge


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