Yammer services to support your culture of communication 

Yammer support from Content+Cloud will enable you to plan and roll out Microsoft’s enterprise-level social platform to connect your workforce.

We’ll help you understand how Yammer can support cultural change, breaking down barriers between teams and giving a direct channel of communication for your whole business.

How Yammer supports connections

In any organisation that thrives, communication and connection are key. At Content+Cloud we frequently speak to organisations who say that these are not happening. Some know why, others are less sure.

We’ve found that the reasons can vary hugely. If you’re at an organisation that has many people working on the frontline, it can be hard to keep everyone connected without the right tools. If you’re at a company that’s been through big changes, you may be wrestling with legacy structures or feelings of disenfranchisement among your employees.

Yammer is about breaking down barriers. As a social media tool for the workplace, Yammer supports greater employee engagement and more active connections.

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Transformative communications enabled by Yammer support

At Content+Cloud we support Yammer deployment but can also advise on how it can be part of a modern, agile workplace alongside SharePoint, Teams and Exchange Online. With leading expertise in managing business change, we’ll help you understand your employees and culture, then help find the right solution for your business.

Communities to share knowledge

Yammer can a play a role in a more open, two-way internal communications strategy that overcomes the boundaries of organisational structure and hierarchy. Your employees can quickly share knowledge and best practice through communities, while your leaders and communications teams can engage broadly and directly, hearing ideas and feedback first-hand from across the workforce.

Live and on-demand events

You’ll be able to reach your entire workforce through live and on-demand events in Yammer. Run learning sessions and town halls through an in-built streaming platform and gauge feedback as it happens.

Secure and compliant

As with all Microsoft 365 solutions, you can be confident of safety and security with Yammer. We can help you configure the platform to ensure maximum control on access, activity, governance and regulatory compliance.

Yammer support from a trusted partner in Microsoft 365

Content+Cloud is the UK’s most awarded Microsoft partner with expertise in messaging and communications. Our technical expertise is matched by our proven change management methods that will, together, help you unlock the power of the cloud.

How Content+Cloud can support your Yammer deployment

At Content+Cloud we support Yammer with a range of packages to suit organisations of all sizes and at all stages of workplace modernisation.

Business change and user adoption

Before you can roll out a communications solution for your organisation, you need first to understand what’s required to make it a success. We’ll help you discover new insights on your people and culture that will shape the direction you take.

  • Discovery workshop to explore your current situation
  • User research to understand the drivers behind employee resistance
  • Business change management methodology aligned with Prosci principles
  • Comprehensive user adoption services, from communications planning to training delivery


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Flexible assistance services

We know from experience how much the needs of organisations differ and have a well-defined methodology for working out what you need. That’s why we offer assistance tailored to your needs.

  • Strategic guidance and requirement gathering
  • Technical workshops and solution design
  • Custom development
  • Technical implementation
  • Support across all aspects of Microsoft 365


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Microsoft 365 productivity consulting

Microsoft 365 apps such as Yammer allow users to communicate and collaborate at work in the same way they would in their personal lives. These intuitive tools can boost productivity by cutting down time spent on email. We can help you achieve successful adoption of the solutions that best suit your business.

  • Teams – a chat-based collaboration tool that brings together all of Microsoft 365’s solutions
  • SharePoint Online – streamlined, secure document management and collaboration
  • OneDrive for Business – cloud-based document storage allowing end users to access their documents on any device
  • Additional tools including Planner, OneNote, Forms and Flow


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Ongoing Yammer technical support through managed services

If you’ve already deployed Yammer across your organisation, Content+Cloud can provide Yammer technical support to help you maximise the return on your investment. We provide managed services for all Microsoft 365 solutions, giving you access to support staff who are fully trained in these technologies.

In addition, our M365 PACE service provides updates and recommendations on incoming changes to the evergreen Microsoft 365 environment.

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