Content+Cloud earns Microsoft’s Cloud Security specialisation

Content+Cloud earns Microsoft’s Cloud Security specialisation

Content+Cloud is pleased to announce yet another specialisation awarded by Microsoft, this time for Cloud Security, under the Security designation of Microsoft’s Solutions Partner programme.

An added testament to our deep expertise in cyber security, we’re pleased to add to our existing two specialisations under the Security designation: Identity and Access Management and Threat Protection.


What is Cloud Security?

Microsoft awards this specialisation to partners that hold the Solutions Partner for Security designation, already a testament to the organisation’s services. To achieve the Cloud Security specialisation, partners must display high-level capabilities and experience in implementing comprehensive protection across Microsoft Azure, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Pravesh Kara, Security and Compliance Product Director at Content+Cloud, says: “Another month, another recognition, this time from Microsoft for our ability to secure complex cloud environments. This just validates what our existing customers already know and experience day in, day out.

“Cloud security can be a complex challenge to solve, spanning hybrid cloud and multi-cloud. This specialisation speaks volumes of the quality in ability of our expert teams who design and build cloud environments and our service teams who operate these technologies in a safe and secure manner on behalf of our clients.”


Content+Cloud: the UK’s leading Microsoft partner

This latest designation comes not long after our latest specialisation for Teamwork Deployment, under the Modern Work designation, earlier in August.

Adding yet another specialisation to our growing list upholds our status as one of Microsoft’s leading partners in the UK and a Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud. This award now brings our total number of specialisations to eight:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Threat Protection
  • Cloud Security
  • Azure VMware Solution
  • Infra and Database Migration
  • Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Small and Midsize Business Management
  • Teamwork Deployment

We’re proud to be recognised by Microsoft at an international scale for the level of our technical expertise, placing us among its top partners worldwide. It’s not only this expertise that has been acknowledged, however. This year, we were named Microsoft’s Partner of the Year for Education, and we’re proud to hold and Microsoft Catalyst Partner status. Reflecting our long-established relationship with Microsoft, we’re also a signatory of Microsoft’s Partner Pledge.

Content+Cloud’s expertise being recognised at this level by Microsoft only goes to highlight our commitment to living and breathing client success. It’s something we’re truly proud of.

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